Bach Concerto for English Horn and Viola (BWV 1060) play

Bach's Concerto for Oboe and Violin (BWV 1060) arranged for English Horn and Viola. "Brandenburg 6 Ensemble" or Piano Redux versions available.

The J S Bach Oboe/Violin Double Concerto (BWV 1060) arranged for English Horn and Viola. Arranged for the instruments commonly used to perform the Brandenburg Concerto No. 6. Available in two formats: 1) A full ensemble version suitable for formal concert settings, or, 2) a version for English Horn, Viola and Piano.

Viola & Piano (samples): Piano Accompaniment English Horn Solo Viola 1 Opt Solo Viola 2
Full Ensemble (samples): Full Score English Horn Solo Viola 1 Opt Solo Viola 2 Tutti Viola 1 Tutti Viola 2 Cello Double Bass Cembalo


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Star of County Down play

Star of County Down for Viola and Piano.

An arangement for viola and piano of the Irish traditional song, Star of County Down. Celebratory in character and a respectful nod to Irish heritage. The four to five minute work consists of a cadenza-like introduction followed by theme and variations. Includes Irish fiddling. Supplemental material: suggestions on embellishing the melody; traditional lyrics of the song.

Sample Parts: Viola Piano


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Bach Concerto for Two Violas (BWV 1043) play

The popular Bach Double arranged for two Solo Violas and "Brandenburg 6 Ensemble," or for Two Violas and Piano.

The famous J S Bach "Double" Violin Concerto (BWV 1043), arranged for the combination of instruments commonly used to perform Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 6. A serious and much needed addition to viola literature from the Baroque period and ideal stand-up concerto. Available in two formats: 1) A full string ensemble version suitable for the concert stage, 2) a version for two violas with piano accompaniment.

Full Ensemble (samples): Full Score Solo Viola 1 Solo Viola 2 Tutti Viola 1 Tutti Viola 2 Cello Double Bass Cembalo
Piano (samples): Piano Accompaniment Solo Viola 1 Solo Viola 2


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Le Grande Tango for Viola play

Solo Viola, String Orchestra, and Piano or for Viola and Piano.

Composed in 1982 for cellist Mstislav Rostropovitch, revived by Carter Brey and made popular by Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble, Piazzolla's Le Grand Tango is now available in an arrangement for Solo Viola, String Orchestra and Piano, or Viola and Piano.

Orchestra (samples): Full Score Solo Viola Violin 1 Violin 2 Viola Cello Double Bass Piano
Piano (samples): Piano Accompaniment Solo Viola


Nativity Scenes, Suite for String Orchestra play

Christmas themed music perfect for congregations celebrating Advent.

This five movement suite tells the story of Jesus' birth through a highly imaginative treatment of well-familiar Christmas carols. Written in the best Holstian tradition, it can be performed Lessons and Carols style, i.e., interspersed with Scriptural selections.

Sample Parts: Full Score Violin 1 Violin 2 Viola Cello Double Bass


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The Allen Modal Scale Method

Scale Studies for Violin & Viola.

A scale studies book designed to strengthen sight reading as well as improvisational skills: trains violinists and violists in the recognition of all possible key signatures (7 flats thru 7 sharps), all possible double-flats and double-sharps, and all possible diatonic scale patterns -- not just major and minor. It also trains players' improvisational skills, strengthening their ability to conceptualize and anticipate the full range of diatonic scale patterns.

Sample Parts: Violin Viola


Mixture of Threes

Chamber music for Oboe, Viola and Trombone.

Written as an in-school educational piece, Mixture of Threes is an original work that covers three main instrumental families (strings, winds, brass), three styles of music (Rock, Blues, Latin), and uses themes derived from three letters of each of the original performers’ names. Hence the title, Mixture of Threes. Ideally suited for young audiences and music outreach programs as well as formal chamber music settings.

Sample Parts: Full Score Viola Oboe Trombone



Chamber music for Violin, Viola, Cello & Bassoon.

A ten minute jam session for an unusual combination of instruments. Where it comes from and where it ends up is anyone's guess. Written for the Amici Quartet, a group founded by Columbus Symphony Principal Bassoonist, Betsy Sturdevant.

Sample Parts: Full Score Violin Viola Cello Bassoon


Liebes-Lied play

Chamber music for Soprano and Cello.

A beautiful, passionate and sometimes tongue-in-cheek setting of Maria Rilke's poem, Liebes-Lied (in the original German), from his 1907 collection Neue Gedichte. An ideal choice for concert encore.

Sample Parts: Cello Soprano


Crumbs of Comfort, Vocal Solos, vol. 1

For Solo Voice and Organ/Piano.

Inspirational vocal solos suitable for church services. Settings of The Lord’s Prayer, Psalm 8, and five inspired poems of Mary Baker Eddy, including Christ My Refuge, Communion Hymn, Feed My Sheep, The Mother’s Evening Prayer and Satisfied. Accessible, skillfully composed, true to the classical art­song genre, these solos offer fresh and inspired listening for congregations. Compare favorably in style to Copland, Barber or Bernstein for their American character and harmonic treatment. All settings are available in High, Medium or Low voice.

Sample Parts: High Medium Low


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